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   My name is Alex (russian Sasha) and I now (2001) finished my study in Moscow State University.
   I love MSU and our Chemistry Departament where I have many friends. I'm study in inorganic chemistry (synthesis of new ionic conductores with laered structure, if it's interested - please come on site of our laboratory). Well, further without this cools:))
   Expect it: I like good novels (Eco, Cortazar, Pavic, Frisch, Durrenmatt, Eliade, Fowles etc., it's really other discussion).
   Usually I'm going on all summer by hitch-hiking- I was in 21 countris. Here are this countries (by visited time): Armenia, Georgia, Abkhazia, Ukraina, Lithuania, Byelorus, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Czech Rep., Transdnestria, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Yusoslavia, Hungary, Slovakia, South Ossetia and Mountaneous Karabakh.
   Next summer I was on Baykal, after I goes till Vladivostok and come back, for more adventures, by B. A. M. It was really cool, I made more than 200 photos and bring a lot of impressions! In Russia I drived from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok (from West to East) and from Petrozavodsk to Vladikavkaz (from North to South).
   I'm interested by languages, ethnography and culture of different nations, espesially - Americans, Middle East, Armenia, Iran, India.
   I love unusual movies - as Kusturica, Angelopoulos an Kitano.
   My old intereses for maps, (it has source in trains) with interes to history and maps (sic!) made this strange mixture as I am.
   So, I'm man who interested of many things and write to me, I thing we will good chating.

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